How To Learn WordPress For Free?

WordPress is the most popular content management system and is used by coders and non-coders alike. Learning WordPress can be fun and engaging if you know what resources to use. Here are some of the best places where you can learn WordPress for free: 

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Official WordPress Website

The official WordPress site offers some learning resources for free. If you are an absolute beginner, it’s an excellent place to start. You will learn the basics of WordPress like how to customise a site, how to pick a theme, how to make posts, how to create pages and menus, and so on. You will also learn some key terms associated with WordPress and blogging. 

WordPress Codex hosts a free knowledge repository known as WordPress codex. Here, you can find anything you want to know about WordPress. It has everything you need to build a website. There are different sections depending on your level and designation. For instance, you will find a separate section for web designers just like you will find one for theme developers. There is also a Code Reference database where you can search about all of WordPress’ classes, functions, methods, and so on. 


WPBeginner is perfect for beginners. It is free to use once you fill-up the email sign-up form. It has free video courses, tutorials and guides that are highly detailed. You can learn to create a blog of your own, how to change language, how to solve web errors, how to change accessibility settings, and so on. You can also check up their YouTube channel ‘WPBeginner- WordPress Tutorials if you do not want to sign up right away. 

WordPress TV

WordPress TV provides learning resources to both beginners and experts. There are plenty of video lessons, and tutorials and these videos are short in length. You can find resources on site building as well as those on the features of WordPress, WordPress plugins, and so on. If you like to connect with a community, this place has many active WordPress developers freelance as well. They will willingly offer you help if ever you get stuck or you have questions related to specific topics addressed in the videos.

Hire WordPress developer


WPSquare is one of the best resources out there for learning all the basics you will ever need to know. The website has a minimalist design and is therefore easy to browse. You can learn to perform all the essential tasks, including content formatting adding menus, changing fonts, displaying social icons, and so on. 


WPSetup is a website that teaches you how to install and set up your site. Many practical guides cover topics like choosing a web host, using plugins, and so on। Although the platform is relatively new, it is highly informative. You can find all the queries that you may have while building your site addressed here. 


Siteground is a hosting company that hosts many worldwide domains. It also features several open-source communities. It provides not only free in-depth tutorials but also offers several free WordPress themes. You can also host your site here and install one of the free themes to customise it. If you want to optimise your website and make the most out of it, Siteground is the place for you. 


Udemy is a learning portal that has several free and paid courses on a wide variety of subjects. It also has some courses on WordPress for learners of different levels. It also has study aids, quizzes, and so on to help you test your knowledge. While most of its courses are paid, it also has some courses for free. You can subscribe to these courses and get lifetime access to their learning materials. If you prefer learning in a more structured manner, Udemy courses are best for you. 


Hongkiat is a technology-based website. It has a section on WordPress as well. This section has several articles about the basics of WordPress. Other articles discuss it in further details and provide valuable insights into creating customised short codes, using the features and functions of various WordPress editors, and so on. The best thing about this site is that it is regularly updated so you can stay well-informed and learn something new every day. 

Smashing Magazine

Smashing Magazine is an online publication focused mainly on computer technology and app development. It also has a section dedicated entirely to WordPress. You can find several articles on the essentials of WordPress, theme development, plugins, third-party software, design techniques, and so on. While all of this content is free, you can also buy their ebooks available at different prices. 

You can easily learn WordPress in less than a month if you are dedicated to it. These are some of the best resources available on the internet, and if you follow them, you will be building your first website in no time.

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